Guests @ Gray’s lectures coming up this session

Session 2015/16

Semester 2

Friday 12th February, 1.00pm in SB42
Janne Livonen – Illustrator

Saturday 13th February, 3.30 – 5.30pm at Peacock Visual Arts
Daisuke Ishida – Sound Artist

Friday 19th February, 1.00pm in SB42
Jack Cheetham and Alex Sarkisian – Artists

Friday 26th February, 1.00pm in SB42
Naoko Mabon – Independent Curator

Friday 11th March, 1.00pm in SB42
Rachel Thibbotumunuwe – Artist, Educator and Curator

Saturday 12th March, 3.00 – 6.00pm at Society of Advocates, Broad Street, Aberdeen
Tanya Ostojic – Performance Artist

Thursday 17th March, 1.00pm in SB42
Kate Downie – Artist

Friday 18th March, 1.00pm in SB42
Freddie Robins – Knitwear Artist and Designer

Friday 25th March, 1.00pm in SB42
Colin McLaren – Writer

Friday 15th April, 1.00pm in SB42
Niamh White – Independent Visual arts and Fashion curator

Semester 1 archive

Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October 2015 at Gray’s
Develop North : Photography Festival

Wednesday 14th October 1.00pm in SB42, Garthdee House Annexe
(a+b) annalisa dominoni, benedetto quaquaro – Designers

Thursday 15th October 1.00pm in SB42
Marlene Creates – Environmental Artist

Friday 16th October 1.00pm in SB42
Nathalie Cortada and Keiko Mukaide – Textile / Glass Artists

Wednesday 21st October 1.00pm in SB42
Rick Poynor – Design Writer

Friday 23rd October 1.00pm in N242, The Sir Ian Wood Building
Iona Crawford – Contemporary Womenswear Designer and Artist

Thursday 29th October, 6.00pm at Peacock Visual Arts
Sinéad O’Donnell – Performance artist

Friday 30th October 1.00pm in SB42
Steve Smith – Photographer

Friday 30th October, 6.00pm at Peacock Visual Arts
Ilija Šoškić – Performance artist

Friday 6th November 1.00pm in SB42
Karen Gabbitas – Visual Artist

Friday 6th November 12.00pm in Amphitheatre, The Sir Ian Wood Building
Julian Roberts – Fashion Designer

Thursday 12th November 1.00pm in SB42
Derrick Guild – Painter

Friday 13th November 1.00pm in SB42
Anne Dubos – Anthropologist and multimedia artist

Friday 20th November 1.00pm in SB42
Mark Vernon – Sound Artist

Monday 23rd November at 1.00pm in H223
Hannah Imlach – Artist








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