Daisuke Ishida / Cracks in the City


Saturday 13th February 2016 at 3.30 – 5.30pm
Peacock Visual Arts, 21 Castle Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5BQ

Scottish Contemporary Art Network, Guests @ Gray’s and sonADA’s Slowcooker series


Daisuke Ishida in conversation with Maja Zeco and Dr Robert Halsall


Sonic Interventions
Daisuke Ishida is a Berlin based artist, working with sound and contemporary media. He teaches at Berlin University of the Arts. Together with Ken Furudate, Kazuhiro Jo and Mizuki Noguchi, he founded the Sine Wave Orchestra in 2002, which received an Honorary Mention in Digital Music category of the Prix ARS Electronica 2004. He will be Aberdeen to deliver the slowcooker workshop Cracks in the City which will bring an experimental artistic reflection to auditory everyday life in order to expand understanding of public space itself and its sounds with aesthetic qualities.

The fifth in the SCAN series will explore questions around the poetics of place taking inspiration from the Japanese pottery mending method Kinsugi (Gold joinery)

The discussion leads on from Daisuke Ishida’s contribution to the slowcooker workshop series which is inspired by the Japanese pottery mending. Rather than using invisible glues, as in the west, cracks and shards are restored with gold-filled lacquer to accentuate the gaps. Japanese aesthetics consider the value of pottery mended with this method to be higher than the original one, adding experienced history to the work. Ishida’s workshop transposes this concept of gain through object history to urban surroundings. A crack can be understood as a literal crack of a street or building, or a personal, historical or social disruption etc..

In response to this theme SCAN is delighted to invite Dr. Robert Halsall to speak on the poetics of place from the perspective of German philosophy offering a consideration of slowness as a way of being in the world that creates heightened perceptions of the qualities of mundane environments. His talk will intersect with two artist’s perspectives the subject. Daisuke Ishida will speak alongside Maja Zeco a visual and sound artist from Bosnia Herzegovina who is currently engaged in PhD research on Placing Sound: The Role of Aurality and Visuality In Locating Identities. After the discussion the audience is invited to stay for performances from both artists and slowcooker workshop participants.

The event is free and open to all interested in the contemporary art context in the Northeast.

Cracks in the City PDF info

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