(a+b) annalisa dominoni & benedetto quaquaro


Wednesday 14th October 2015 at 1.00pm
Lecture Theatre SB42
Garthdee House Annexe 


Food & Design from Italy
The Italian food culture is a mix of tradition and innovation that reveals the complex identity of a country able to contain territories with different history and geography and integrate them in a common language made of knowledge, tastes and established behaviours, and of course, products.

(a+b) annalisa dominoni & benedetto quaquaro present their projects realized in Italy in which the world of objects gravitating around food is strongly related with the experience of enjoying it, focussing on emphasize the sense and awareness of every gesture thanks to shapes, colours and details that can suggest new uses.


(a+b) annalisa dominoni & benedetto quaquaro have their design bureau in Milan characterised by a transversal attitude that combines innovation and handcraft in different areas of project, from the new trains for Milan underground to limited editions of artistic ceramics.

They have designed for Abv-Borsani, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Benetton, Cerruti Baleri, Electrolux-Zanussi, European Space Agency, Ferrero, Living Divani, NASA, Technogym, Tecno, Thales Alenia Spazio. Annalisa and Benedetto extend their professional activity as designers into research publishing essays and teaching in Italy and abroad.

(a+b) annalisa dominoni & benedetto quaquaro website


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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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