‘No one belongs here more than you’


‘No one belongs here more than you’

Miranda July Quote: Red Min(e)d Living Archive

Saturday 21st March 2015 13.30 – 16:00 at 17 Belmont Street, Aberdeen

Image: This piece was in response to Kaffe Facette exhibition at Aberdeen Art Gallery. 80 individually knitted vaginas used as backdrop for Vagina Monologues performances.

Guest@Gray’s and the D.A.R.T seminar series are happy to support this second event in the SCAN series at Seventeen Belmont Street. The event will consider the politics of curating and collecting, relationships with power, institutions, artists and audiences from the perspective of feminist praxis giving emerging artists and curators the opportunity to meet and discuss issues of practice beyond the art school.

Aberdeen based artist Merlyn Riggs will turn the space into a tearoom, playing host to Adele Patrick, artist and lifelong creative development manager at Glasgow Women’s Library, and Dunja KuKovec from Ljubljana, prolific curator and writer within the feminist collective Red Min(e)d. Both speakers have been invited to share their significant experiences of curating and organizing from positions outside of mainstream cultural narratives, offering different feminist strategies and insights that work to counter and challenge hierarchies of visibility and support. Following these presentations artist and activist Sinéad O Donnell Dunn, currently vice president of the Scottish Artist Union, will facilitate a discussion on organising within an arts community to address common issues within a local and national context.

Playing on the concept of historical re-enactment as a vehicle for political conversation Riggs, who describes her practice as somewhere between performance installation and social or participatory practice, will create a site-specific intervention for the occasion drawing on the theme of hospitality to approach the different support systems that sustain creativity. Using the tearoom setting, particularly with reference to iconographic suffragette heritage Riggs will recast the space as an open forum where essential issues can be discussed freely.

Within this setting Patrick will speak on aspects of two decades worth of involvement in the creative and imaginative development of the Glasgow Women’s Library as a unique; arts influenced provision that (re)defines through environment, learning approaches, programmes and resources what a library, archive and museum can be.

Next to Patrick, Kukovec will speak on her work with the Red Min(e)d collective and their innovative project The Bring In Take Out Living Archive which aims at creating a platform for sharing and collaborative work and gathers artists, researchers and curators in digital and public space.

Finally, Dunn, whose practice and research centres on the politics of craft and the arts both within the UK and within conflict zones and territories under occupation, will be available to speak on her role within the Scottish Artist Union.

Short talks will be followed by space for questions and group discussion, facilitated by Dunn, which can start to unpick the relevance of these showcased strategies to the context of the Northeast. Beyond the group forum there will be an opportunity to take tea and cakes with all speakers who will circulate around tables.

The event is free and open to all but reservation is essential for the second part of the event and places can be booked at – http://sca-net.org/events/view/no-one-belongs-here-more-than-you 


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