Antoni and Alison

antoniand alison

Thursday 20th November 2014 at 10.00am
Scott Sutherland building Lecture Theatre SB42


Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts met at St Martins School of Art in 1982, where Antoni studied Fashion/Textiles and Alison studied Fine Art Painting.

From their council flat in Lant Street, London. SE1, they founded the label ‘Antoni & Alison’ in 1987 with £200. They have a conceptual approach, and have always maintained a more ‘Art Studio’ than ‘Fashion studio’ slant. Their 50th collection – ‘Models Walking Up & Down in Dresses’ saw them creating a new kind of ‘artistic couture’ on a flat dress, styled, draped and detailed completely within the print.

Continuously working together for 25 years Antoni & Alison have been creating their work and changing the way that we now look at fashion. They have always maintained that ‘ just because fashion is the way it is, doesn’t mean to say it has to be the way it is’. They currently have their own store, 220 stockists and a large following in Japan and Europe. In 2008 they were given M.B.Es for their work in Fashion and Photography. Text from –

See more of Antoni and Alison’s work at –


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