Tim De Cort and Ann Eysermans

1.00pm on Friday 19th October 2012
in Scott Sutherland Lecture Theatre SB42

Tim De Cort is a young Belgium based visual artist challenging contemporary technology and media. After his studies in graphic design, completed an extended Masters of Research in Art and Design at the Sint Lucas Art School in Antwerp. The starting point to this project was a design application that developed into an ambitious artistic endeavour. He draws words and meanings randomly from Internet search engines and applications such as Google and Twitter. He then uses software that transposes these words into complex visual images. The resulting work carries forward meanings that are present in the original material, transposing these from the verbal to the visual through seemingly random processes. “It’s an expansive goal that progresses slowly. This makes growth an important characteristic in my work. I’ve been working on the same code for the past three years and with each addition to the functionality the related artistic work changes and grows into something else.”


Ann Eysermans [Belgium, 1980] is a performer, improviser [double bass and harp] and composer that works across the visual and the musical. She obtained her Master’s degree ‘Musical Notation and Composition’ and ‘Double Bass, Jazz’ at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. She is connected to the contemporary music ensemble Champ d’Action (http://www.champdaction.be ) as well as working on her own sound and visual projects. Her concerts with the music ensemble BAMBEEN GREY and with Champ d’Action explore sound layers of music and noise, graphics and musical notation. At the Vrije Universiteit Brussel she is currently completing a pracice-led Phd in the Arts. In this artistic research she explores possible artistic and aesthetic interactions between the sound and visual culture of railways, using phosphorescence as a material for scores.



About callumkellie

I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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